4 Things that Lead to Overeating and How to Prevent It

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Occasionally we all overdo it, but if you understand what triggers overeating there are ways to curb that habit.1.Mindless EatingWhen you are at a social gathering or a party there are often tables of food to snack on. Food usually becomes the center of the event but hovering over the cheese plate or constantly picking at the chip bowl is an easy way to overdo it.Don’t spend time mindlessly eating, have a plan when you get to the party. First, scan the table and get to know what items are available and which ones fit into your plan. Then fill up 1/3 of your plate with ‘splurge items’ then cover the rest with fruits, vegetables, and healthy proteins.

  1. Not Getting The Right Nutrients

If you regularly feel like you are overeating despite your best efforts to plan healthy meals you may be lacking certain nutrients. Having a veggie-filled salad at lunch is a good option. If you tend to feel hungry quickly after lunch you may want to consider adding some filling ingredients.Consider adding additional protein and fiber-rich foods to your meal. Avoid adding refined carbs such as pasta or bread. While they do provide an initial energy boost, the sugars in them tend to cause a crash making you hungry again.

  1. Misjudging Portion Sizes

Overeating is easy to do if you don’t know how much you should be eating. Everyone’s portions are different depending on activity levels and age. Ideally, you should talk with your ThinWorks Coach about what portion sizes work for you. There are a few quick tips and tricks to keeping them in check. Protein should be the size of your palm, non-starchy vegetables should equate to a hand full and fruits should be fist-sized.

  1. Getting too Hungry

One of the top ways someone ends up overeating is letting yourself get too hungry. When your stomach is empty you are more likely to make poor food decisions and reach for processed convenience foods, or foods full of sugar. To avoid this, it is ideal to keep to a regular meal and snack schedule. When that is not possible make sure to keep healthy snacks around such as fruits and nuts.

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