Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Palm Beach Gardens, FL
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As we age, our bodies become unable to produce hormones efficiently. Hormones travel throughout our bodies, contributing to mental and physical growth. However, with age comes the risk of developing an imbalance. Fortunately, bioidentical hormone pellets may be the solution to these symptoms of menopause and testosterone deficiency.

Benefits of Bioidentical Hormones

These are generally the most tolerable form of treatment. Since their chemical makeup is a replica of nature, your body will take to treatment easier and quicker. Since your body can absorb these pellets easier, there is less risk of rejection. Furthermore, these hormonal pellets can:

  • Allow you to feel normal
  • Slow the natural aging process
  • Bring mental and physical balance

Pellets can combat the following symptoms associated with aging:

  • Foggy memory
  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Sleeping issues
  • Weight gains and loss
  • Decreased energy

What are Bioidentical Pellets?

While you’ll naturally produce hormones, the ones we’ll have you take are artificial. Their design mimics the structure and functionality of natural hormones. Despite being chemically identical, sometimes it can take the body to adjust to the new hormone levels in the beginning.

Bioidentical pellet therapy injects your body with a pellet that releases the hormones you need. These mimic their naturally occurring counterparts, helping to balance your system. The substances released to your body are effective because they have identical functions and structures to that of the hormones they’re replacing.

HRT is personalized therapy plan which replaces the exact hormone and levels your body lacks. Therapy is a common course of action for men and women, as hormone imbalance comes with aging. To get your hormone levels back to the optimal range, ask us how HRT can help you!

Ask Us if Bioidentical Hormone Pellets are Right for You!

If you’re experiencing weight gain, mood swings, dry skin, or other menopause-related symptoms, we can help. By sitting down with a hormone doctor, you can understand which treatment option would be best. Call us today to schedule a consultation!

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