Importance of Electrolytes

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Almost everyone is familiar with the word “electrolytes,” but not everyone knows the importance of having a balanced electrolyte intake. Electrolytes are vital for our body system to function properly. They are responsible for fueling the minerals and compounds found in the body. Once these are fueled and charged, your body will be able to produce enough energy for the day. Moreso, according to a well-renowned weight loss center in Palm Beach Gardens, imbalanced electrolytes can result in symptoms such as headache, dizziness, and fatigue.Here’s a brief yet concise discussion about the importance of electrolytes in your body.

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What Do Electrolytes Do?

Regulates Fluid Levels

Electrolytes and fluids work together to electrically charge the minerals and compounds in your body. It aims to monitor the fluid levels in your body, especially in your blood plasma. Likewise, electrolytes also keep the acidity, or alkalinity (pH level), of your blood in the normal range.

Nerve and Muscle Stimulation

Another reason why balanced electrolytes in your body are essential is for the proper stimulation of your nerves and muscles. Ion channels are present on the surface of your cell membrane, and they function to carry electrolytes to and from the cells. For example, muscle contractions rely on the presence of sodium, calcium, and potassium ions. Furthermore, the deficient levels of these ions can result in muscle spasms and weakness.In like manner, electrolytes are also responsible for transmitting nerve signals from your muscles and heart to other cells. Apart from this, they also help in the building of new tissues and aid in blood clotting.

Where is the best Weight Loss Center Palm Beach Gardens?

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Electrolytes can be found in foods and beverages rich in calcium, potassium, and sodium. To avoid fatigue, muscle cramps, muscle weakness, and other health issues, it’s important you measure your electrolyte levels. Contact ThinWorks to get your healthy dose of electrolytes!

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