Reasons You Can't Lose Weight

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If you're wondering why you're not losing weight despite your regular gym or exercise routine, then you've clicked the right link. This article will provide you with a list of reasons why losing weight might feel harder for you than others. Programs related to weight loss in Palm Beach Gardens are very common and highly effective but may not work if you find yourself doing any of the following:

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Weight Loss Hindrances to Eliminate

Not Knowing Your Metabolic Rate

Are you familiar with your resting metabolic rate? If not, this may be the reason you're not losing weight, despite your best effort.Your resting metabolic rate is the aggregate number of calories you burn when your body is not at work. Knowing this rate will give you a rough estimate of the actual amount of calories your body needs in a day. Furthermore, you will be able to efficiently and effectively adjust your calorie intake to complement your exercise routine.


Remember that saying: "Too little is a vice or too much is a vice"? Well, this is entirely applicable in losing weight.Over-exercising is one of the primary reasons why burning calories through exercise will not help you lose weight. If you overexert your body daily, your muscles will grow tired and inflamed. Ultimately, the inflammation and exhaustion will make you want to eat more for repair and defeat the purpose of exercising at all.Listen to your body and do the exercise that's best for you.

Wrong Diet Choices

Binging on junk or unhealthy food every weekend will prevent you from losing weight. Although it's only done over the weekend, the amount of unhealthy food you eat will override the good. More so, weight loss experts always emphasize that exercise alone is ineffective if not coupled with the right diet choices.However, this doesn't mean that you can't treat yourself. You can always eat those sugary desserts or fatty food - just make sure you eat portioned amounts.Remember: everything in moderation.

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