Testosterone Linked to Weight Loss

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If you haven’t already checked it out, visit our previous article on the symptoms of androgen, estrogen, and progesterone deficiencies! In that article, we talked about how imbalanced hormones can affect your weight and make it hard for you to achieve your desired weight loss in Palm Beach Gardens. Today, it’s time to talk about how boosting your testosterone can help you lose weight.

Where can I get help for Weight Loss Palm Beach Gardens?

Relationship between Testosterone and Losing Weight

What is Testosterone?

Most men believe their level of testosterone can greatly affect their weight. They aren’t wrong. Testosterone is a hormone primarily produced by the ovaries in women and testicles in men. It is an essential sex hormone and works as messenger molecules in the body. They are released and carried to their destination.Additionally, testosterone’s main role is to stimulate male characteristics such as body hair growth, stronger bones, enhanced muscle mass, and a deeper voice. Sufficient testosterone levels are important for the preservation of male fertility and the maturation of sperm cells.When it comes to both genders, one of its essential functions is to promote bone strength and muscle growth, as well as retain adequate muscle mass. However, did you know that testosterone levels decline with age? This explains the bone loss and age-related muscle loss when you get old.

Why Insufficient Testosterone Levels Lead to Weight Gain

As stated earlier, testosterone bolsters muscle growth, but it can also suppress fat gain. Therefore, some men who have insufficient testosterone levels often gain fat faster than those with adequate hormone levels. More so, muscles tend to burn more calories than fat tissue. The lack of muscle puts both sexes at a higher risk of storing surplus calories. As a matter of fact, some experts hold that reduced muscle mass is the main reason why deficiency results in weight gain.

Where can I get help for Weight Loss Palm Beach Gardens?

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