How Bettye lost 30 lbs!

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Bettye was told by a doctor that if she did not take 30 lbs off her frame she was going to have problems with her joints and she already had osteoporosis. She tried several things to lose weight before she came to ThinWorks she says, I even tried the group setting where you have the person talking to the group but that did not offer me accountability, and I need to be held accountable.”

She found the first week, Impact Stage, challenging but she said, after I got on the scale and I had lost 10 lbs*, I said, I got this!

Bettye learned how to eat differently, she learned healthy eating habits, which she says, that is the key that is very, very important.

I am confident that I can keep the weight off because I learned how to eat and if by chance I should go on vacation and I want to indulge a little, I know what to do when I come home because I was taught what to do at ThinWorks.

Now that Bettye has less weight on her joints, she doesn’t have the pain that she had in the past.

I would say to my friends who need to take that step to lose weight, you may be hesitant but what you have to remember is your health is going to benefit, your lifestyle is going to benefit, your family is going to benefit.

I wish I had listened earlier but you know something better late than never.

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Heptagon ShapeHow Bettye lost 30 lbs!

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