How Jim lost 41 lbs!

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During a day at work as an Electrical Contractor, Jim was in an elevator that had mirrors surrounding him, he looked at himself and thought, God I’m fat!  He says, I couldn’t even suck it in to where I thought I would look good.  His knees and back were hurting, I was carrying around 41 extra pounds, 2 sacks of potatoes.

Jim had tried other programs but he felt it was always a fad, it wasn’t a lifestyle of how to eat, what to eat. He feels that with ThinWorks I can keep off the weight and if I ever start to gain weight I know that there is somebody there that I can call.

After ThinWorks, Jim is now a size 34 pant and large shirt, which he says, feels good.  Nowadays, Jim says, Family and friends are seeing what is going on in my life and for people that don’t know me I can tell you this¦that ThinWorks works!

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Heptagon ShapeHow Bettye lost 30 lbs!

Before & After

The before results of Tracey's weight loss
The after weight loss results of Tracey
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Click to read a wonderful weight loss story.