How Nancy lost 10 lbs!

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Nancy felt that her lack of energy could be due to the extra few pounds she had gained; she decided she needed to do something to lose the weight.

Before starting ThinWorks, my blood pressure was on the high side and my physician wanted to put me on medication. I said I wanted to try alternatives first before I went on to taking any type of medications.

She found ThinWorks and started the weight loss program.  Now that she has lost the weight she says, I’ve noticed that my blood pressure has dropped, it’s back down into a normal range and now I don’t have to take any blood pressure medications.

Nancy found that the coaches at ThinWorks really helped her by providing her a schedule of what to eat and what types of substitutes she needed to make.  When she reached a point where her weight loss plateaued she says, the coaches would re-evaluate and they would get me back on track.

Nancy loved the convenience of the supplements, especially the protein bars. Before she headed out the door she would have one in her purse.

The knowledge from the coaches really helped. They showed her how much protein, fat, and carbs she needed to eat daily.

Now with going through the ThinWorks program I’ve lost the weight, I have my energy back and it feels great!

Meet Nancy

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