How Rich lost 40 lbs!

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Rich was sitting at his desk and could feel flutters in his chest, the room started to spin and he thought he was having a heart attack.  As he was being admitted the back of his mind was telling him this could all be a waste of time or you could be dying and you wouldn’t be here if you had taken care of yourself.

Rich says in the past he would try to lose weight by cutting back and starving himself, but then he would “come home and gorge. He would just “eat and eat because he was starving all day.

I found the program at ThinWorks to be very easy.  The hardest part was making up my mind and making the decision to join ThinWorks, but once I made that decision the program made it easy for me.

Rich was able to eat food that he made at home.  What he learned at ThinWorks was that he needed a regimen to follow.I needed to actually count my calories instead of thinking I knew what I was putting in my body.

He looked forward to getting his progress reports every week.  The staff would say, You’r amazing! You’ve lost 3 lbs, and 2 lbs were fat! That made him feel awesome and kept motivating him.*

Rich moved to Florida 3 years ago from Pennsylvania where he could only ride his bike 3 months out of the year.  When he moved, however, he thought, there is no rush. I can always go ride my bike tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow But 3 years later, tomorrow never came.  Once he joined ThinWorks, lost the weight, and got healthy, he was then able and motivated to ride every night.I am the healthiest I have ever been, he says.*

ThinWorks has worked so well for Rich he recommends it to everybody.  He says, I grabbed a stack of cards and if you haven’t seen me in 2-3 months, the first thing you would say to me is What is different about you? and I’d say Hey, I lost 40 lbs* dude.How did you do it?Here, check it out.

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The before results of Tracey's weight loss
The after weight loss results of Tracey
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