How Tracey lost 35 lbs!

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A former cheerleader and dancer, Tracey has been active since childhood and has been in the fitness industry for over 35 years.  Exercising was not the problem, she says, what was the problem was my eating and the food I was putting in my mouth. After menopause she was gaining 5-6 pounds a year, every year, and she couldn’t get it off on her own.  Tracey says, I would get it off for a short time and it would come right back on.  I realized that I needed help, I needed support.

Tracey ran into two people that were very successful at ThinWorks.  Both had lost a significant amount of weight and had kept it off for a year.* That’s what I wanted, that’s why I came to ThinWorks.

What she loved about ThinWorks was meeting every week with a coach. I learned so much, what was water weight, what was fat weight how I could tweak my diet.  It just made the whole journey easy.*

She found the Healthy Life portion of the program to be a real motivator.For every month that I went there to lose weight I got another month of Healthy Life.  I was going to have them there when I had already lost the weight and I might fall off my program.  Knowing that they were there and I could still have their support really meant a lot to me.*

Meet Tracey

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Before & After

The before results of Tracey's weight loss
The after weight loss results of Tracey
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