Worst Fad Diets

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Through the years, fad diets come and go. Some reel people in, while some send nutritionists and other health experts packing. Like anything in this world, the only constant for dieting and quick weight loss in Jupiter is change. Since there are always many ideas on how to lose weight, fad diets also change over time.

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The Worst Fad Diets for The Long-Term


At first, people think that there's nothing wrong with this kind of diet. How can eating veggies and fruits be bad for your health? As a matter of fact, the brains behind this fad diet say that eating whole foods instead of processed ones may lead to weight loss and other health advantages such as enhanced sleep and higher energy.However, as harmless as it may seem, the Whole30 plan discourages consuming a lot of dietary staples such as grains, dairy, and legumes. This diet is formulated to be sustainable but only for a 30-day period.But what are you doing with a diet program that won't last?If you're one of those who want a good jumpstart when it comes to your diet, then Whole30 can be a good one.

Carnivore Diet

As the name implies, this increasingly famous diet requires you to eat mostly meat. It also allows you to include fat and eggs in your diet. Although dieters post testimonials stating that the carnivore diet is effective, most health experts disagree. They say that this is an unhealthy and unsustainable diet.Not only does a carnivore diet require the consumption of high-saturated fatty foods, but it also pushes you to avoid other healthy food that contains essential vitamins and minerals. Hence, it's crucial that you choose a balanced diet for effective weight loss without compromising your health.

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